Revolution in crane engineering

V-type crane

The key to higher handling rates: revolutionary product design.

V型起重的设计特点还在于隔膜式连接 ,起重机梁的振荡降低高达30%。更少的震动使得传输到起重机和它的组件的负荷更小 ,整个厂房的受力也更小 ,使用寿命延长一倍 ,达到50次以上  的运行。此外 ,改进后的减震功能 ,使起重机载重负荷和灵敏度更高 ,能更精确更快速地搬运如玻璃面板 ,液体或飞机铝壳机身等。

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Model and details in 3D

Product information

Benefits at a glance

Improved efficiency

  • More precise positioning
  • Higher handling rates
  • Double the service life

Optimised deadweight

  • Lower forces transmitted to existing superstructure
  • Additional load capacity


  • More lifting points simplify assembly and installation
  • Additional safety thanks to improved view

Further benefits

  • Greater flexibility in headroom dimensions
  • Surface area exposed to wind reduced by up to 55 %
  • Reduced environmental impact

Technical data

Load capacity up to 12.5 t
Span up to 30 m
Long-travel speed up to 60 m/min
Cross-travel speed up to 30 m/min
Lifting speed up to 12.5 m/min

Non-standard specifications on request

Model variants

Model variants for optimum match with the building design.

Type 1

北京快三走势图一定牛:Type 1

Type 2

北京快三走势图一定牛:Type 2

Type 4

北京快三走势图一定牛:Type 4


Type 5

北京快三走势图一定牛:Type 5


Type 6

北京快三走势图一定牛:Type 6